Uploading Your Pictures to Hobbylinc.com

It does not matter if your a Modeling Master or a beginner. Everyone want's to see your work. Upload your work for others to see and receive reward points for the uploads!

Here is how to upload:

1) Log In or Create a User Account

2) Find the item that you have a picture for through the Hobbylinc.com website.

3) Pull up the detailed information page for that product.

4) Click the 'Upload a picture to the user gallery link.

5) Click the 'Find File' button to locate the image on your computer.

6) Verify the picture is yours or public domain by selecting the check box.

6) Click the Upload Picture button.

7) Select the type of picture you are uploading from the drop down list.

8) Enter a brief description of the image you are uploading. ( optional )

All uploads are subject to approval by Hobbylinc.com. All uploaded images must be public domain. (I.E. you can not upload copyrighted images) By uploading your picture you agree that Hobbylinc.com has the right to use the image without restrictions. This can be in the form of re-sizing and altering the image, using images for advertisements, and any other method of redistribution that Hobbylinc.com finds appropriate.

Reward Points for uploading:

You will receive points for all uploads that are approved. Since all images require approval there can be up to 72 hour delay before your image is able to be viewed online and points are awarded. Points are based on the quality of the picture uploaded, not the quality of the model built. Points earned for uploaded pictures will appear on your User Account page under the heading of 'Gallery Images Uploaded'. The amount of points awarded for uploads will vary. Information on the points available for uploads is not available to the public.

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